Sahara WPF demo project

The demo project was designed to prove knowledge of contemporary common WPF programming methods.
The project is created using MVVM pattern, navigation and loading of components is done using PRISM libraries (v6.1)
Unity container (v6.1) was used for dependency injection.

The project consists of two components:

1. Application 'Generators' to create an unlimited number of different types of signal generators.
Each generator can automatically generate artificial mock data packs, or you can enter the actual data.
You can adjust the frequency of each signal generator output.

2. Application 'Monitor' for receiving and displaying data.
This unit detects signals from all generators,automatically creating indicators for each
and displaying the data in real time.It is also possible to send data to the feedback and instruction.

Please click to download Demo WPF project:

Unzip and run
Demo \ Monitor \ bin \ Release\ Monitor.exe

Oleksandr Novikov